What is Courage Coaching & Why Does It Matter

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Considering how fast the coaching industry has grown, you may have previously heard about coaching, but there are so many different types of coaching. To start, there’s executive coaching, business coaching, life coaching, health coaching, spiritual coaching, and so on. How do you go about choosing the right coaching style for you?

The first step is to determine your goals. Where are you right now, and where do you want to go? What do you want to work on with a coach? What do you hope to take away from your sessions? These are all great questions to ask yourself before you hire a coach.

While you may look at the list above and see a variety of options, it’s missing one key type of coaching: courage coaching. If it’s your first time hearing about courage coaching, don’t worry. It may not have come on your radar right away, but it can be a powerful form of coaching for entrepreneurs who are currently in launch mode or are in the middle of a transition.

What is courage coaching, and why should you care? 

As a courage coach for entrepreneurs, I define it as a container that empowers business owners to take bolder actions so they can build and grow a business they love that also brings a deeper sense of joy, fulfillment, and abundance to their lives. You could say  it’s a transformational form of business coaching, one that stretches beyond the practical level.

The basic principle is that it’s possible for all of us to cultivate courage within ourselves. It isn’t something we need to wait around for,  hoping for it to land in our laps, nor is it something that needs to come from an external source like, say, alcohol (a.k.a. liquid courage).

When we tap into our inner wisdom and resourcefulness, we are able to boldly move forward despite the presence of fear or doubt, and that’s exactly what courage is. It’s not the absence of fear and doubt but the ability  to achieve our goals despite them.

As an entrepreneur myself, courage has become  one of the most valuable resources I’ve cultivated in my business. What I’ve found is that we can all cultivate courage when we experience these three pillars: 

Strong energetic foundation. Energy does more than sustain us physically; it also shapes how we show up in the world through its emotional, mental, and spiritual components. When we intimately understand our energy, we learn to work with it effectively. It can help us identify and overcome any  mental and emotional blocks that keep us from making our goals and dreams a reality. We become more open-minded and see fear and doubt for what they really are – conditioned responses that once kept us safe but don’t benefit us anymore.

Personal transformation. Once our foundation is set, we work to integrate energetic shifts into our lives through consciously aligned action. We practice awareness, and when faced with our old patterns, we recognize moments of choice with an understanding that we can show up differently from how we used to. It may be challenging to begin with, but it gets easier as we build our muscles, even if it may not feel natural at times. To borrow the words of one of my mentors, it does not have to feel natural, it just has to be choiceful.

Practical knowledge and resources. I find that people typically begin their entrepreneurial journey by reaching for external resources. It doesn’t take long to see that in itself is not enough. That’s why I start with energy healing and transformational coaching before I dig into the practicals.  Then, we can use strategy as a tool to bolster actions that stem from a place of energetic mastery and personal transformation. The result is very powerful and allows you to gain even more confidence in your actions. It can strengthen your discernment , save you time and resources, and help you avoid mistakes.

Just like anything else that’s worth cultivating, leading a life of courage is an ongoing process. It’s a journey that helps you become who you really are as you realize your truest  potential.  The reward of doing this inner work is experiencing a more joyful and fulfilling business and life. 

Chances are, if you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of business, there’s a bold action (or two!) that is required to level up. If this blog resonates with you, or you happen to have more questions, send me an email at courage@irabriones.com. I’d love to hear from you. 

If you already have a sense that courage coaching might be right for you, feel free to check out my programs here.

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