It’s time to let go of the conditioning that says you need hardship to create success. Energy coaching will help you break through any subconscious glass ceilings that are creating unnecessary roadblocks to your desired  income + impact.

Here’s the truth:
Struggle is optional.

This worksheet will help you discover if you’re subconsciously living out self-imposed limits so you can start breaking the patterns.

Reveal Your Internalized Glass Ceilings

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Make a deeper impact through your work in ways only you can, all while building a life of wealth and ease.

Design your business to holistically support your health and wellbeing while still hitting goal after goal.

Enjoy an overflow of quality time with your loved ones while witnessing your business’s continual growth.

Historically marginalized communities have been conditioned to believe this for generations, but it isn't true. You get to have it all.

They say success comes at a price. does it need to?

"As a result of working with Ira, I gained clarity on areas in my personal life that were blocking me from reaching my goals. I felt instant relief and focus after our very first session! I can't say enough about how talented Ira is. It is a blessing to be able to work with them."

Julia A., Executive Coach

"Having worked with Ira, I am so much more in tune with the intuition my body (and soul) have to offer. With the most spacious and grounding energy, Ira encourages me to become—and stay—open to new possibilities. I’ve often come to a session with Ira feeling stuck, and through our work together, they guide me toward finding movement and ease within myself."


"I came to Ira feeling stuck and fearful of an upcoming task. Ira effortlessly held space for me throughout the healing process and within a short period of time I felt lighter and more confident. Suddenly the task that had been worrying me for weeks seemed totally achievable, and I got it done just a few hours later. The level of personalization I received was exactly what I needed. Ira is very gifted."


What is it like working with me

As a trans and queer immigrant of color, I’ve smashed some pretty big internalized glass ceilings myself. The lasting effects of this impactful work ripples out into the world, acting as a powerful vehicle for change. When more of us bravely engage in this work, it can impact systems from the ground up.


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Helping marginalized entrepreneurial creatives smash their internalized glass ceilings is part of how I contribute to an abundance- and compassion-based path to creating more justice and equity in the world.

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