I know firsthand how pivotal it is to play big in a world that tells you to think small. I’ve made it my goal to help people cultivate courage in their lives and businesses by connecting with their truth, wisdom, and inner power, especially those who have been treated for so long as if they can’t.

As a Courage Coach, my mission is to equip and encourage entrepreneurs to leap boldly into an empowered life.

about me

A call to play big, to build and grow the business of your dreams, has been tugging at your heart long enough to where you can no longer ignore it. You just don’t know where or how to start. The lack of clarity and direction is making it all seem like a terrifying leap into the unknown, which allows self-doubt to creep in.

I’m here to remind you that everything you have been through has prepared you for this moment. I know this because I have been on a similar journey and my most important resources came from within. 

Now, this is where my mission aligns with yours.

It would be an honor for me to be the coach who dares you into bringing your mission to life while helping you master your energy and step into your full potential.

Unlike the people behind some success stories, I’m not someone who’s had it all together. I struggled to manage my mental health for many years, and I was often left feeling overwhelmed and constantly unsure of myself. But I continuously cultivated courage despite all challenges, allowing me to design a new life in a city on the other side of the world, contribute meaningfully to my communities, and create businesses that are fulfilling.

It is through coaching and energy healing that I’ve made my biggest breakthroughs, and that inspires me to hold space for others to experience the same. I believe we all have the capacity to bring good change into the world when we live our boldest lives, doing what we love every day.

My approach to coaching and energy work has been largely shaped by a decade of professional experience in LGBTQ+ community organizing and leadership, program management, learning and development, research, and startup entrepreneurship. 

Certified Professional Coach
& Energy Healer, she/they pronouns

Hi! I’m Ira Briones.

I am an ICF-certified transformational coach, Reiki III practitioner, and ThetaHealing® practitioner and teacher. Prior to moving to New York from Manila, I held Learning and Business Intelligence roles in the private sector, including Chevrolet and IBM, before shifting to community and nonprofit work nationally and in the Asia-Pacific region, including projects with United Nations agencies, the World Health Organization, and The Global Fund.

When I’m not supporting others in their vision for a brighter future in business, you’ll find me taste-testing snacks at the Filipino snack company I co-founded with my spouse, recreating Filipino dishes that I miss (or bugging my spouse to recreate it for me), or stuck on the couch because one (or all) of our three cats won’t let me leave.

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want a jumpstart?

When I was a kid, I made ice cream after seeing on TV how ice cream factories work. It basically looked like alternating the process of freezing and manually stirring milk-infused mango juice every 30 minutes for hours.

I co-authored my first book in grade school with my childhood best friend, published it on scraps of paper, and gave it away to people on the street.

Around third grade, I had my first business selling homemade chocolates to my classmates that I made with my grandmother.

how it started

Here’s a peek at the (very) early days of my creative and entrepreneurial journey.

I believe in living a courageous life that in turn emboldens others, and it all starts with a choice. 

I’m excited to know how I can serve you on this defining journey.

Get My Free Daily Courage Meditation

A free guided visualization to help you get unstuck and inspired to take daily action towards a bolder life and business.

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