My intention is to help you shorten the learning curve and overcome roadblocks as you step into your next level. I know you have what it takes to make it happen. 

As a non-binary immigrant of color with a long history in community organizing, working with historically marginalized communities remain at the heart of my mission. 

An energy coach that helps marginalized entrepreneurial creatives access their inherent power and transcend conditioned limits.

I’m Ira Briones 

Meet Your Coach

I believe cultivating empowered, vision-driven entrepreneurship in historically marginalized communities will help turn the tide towards more justice and equity in the world.

I know the ripple effect that happens when one person embarks on a transformational journey. Engaging in this deep work can help us further magnify progress in our communities, given that entrepreneurship is naturally set up to build networks and resources, and especially when led by creatives with a rich vision of possibilities.

I've seen firsthand how often the dynamics of offering aid to marginalized communities tend to lack a deeper level of empowerment – the kind I’ve experienced in my own healing journey and witnessed in my coaching and healing work.

It is important to have joy as our compass in life and our guide in business.

Setting aside protected time for creative play is essential in life and business.

Any strategy can work as long as you can get your energy fully behind it.

Our birthright as humans is to be authentically expressed.

Leading with service is the best way to do business.

Historically marginalized creatives are game changers simply by building their dreams.

I believe…

Let's work together

Building toward a more expansive future for historically marginalized communities.

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