You need bold actions to build & grow a business that brings you alive.

Dare to make the leap?

Don’t wait for courage. Cultivate it. 

I’m happy you found your way here. It’s most likely a nudge from your inner wisdom, urging you to dream bigger.

Even if you feel overwhelmed, weighed down by self-doubt or insecurities, I'm here to help you overcome any blocks standing between you and the work you’re meant to create and release into the world.

It starts with holistic personal transformation. My unique coaching approach combines deep energy healing with the transformative power of coaching and, where applicable, I also guide you in strategy and the nuts and bolts of business.

To cultivate a fulfilling life of wholehearted success, joy, and abundance, you need to stretch beyond the practicals of building a business.

Welcome to a More Holistic Approach to Coaching

Expanded Sense of What’s Possible

Inspired Action Towards Your Goals

Clarity and Guidance on Your Next Steps

What Courage Coaching Will Bring You

A free guided visualization to help you get unstuck and inspired to take daily action towards a bolder life and business.

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I’d love to be a part of your journey in any way, so I created these free tools and resources to support you in gaining clarity around your business and next steps.

Courage has been instrumental in my own transformational journey, and I’ve made it my mission to help you create it for yourself so you can experience its gifts in your life and business.

I invite you to explore my holistic coaching programs, intrinsically designed to help you tap into courage in your life and business and fulfill your inner calling to live big. 

Designing a life of courage starts here

Julia A., Executive Coach

"As a result of working with Ira, I gained clarity on areas in my personal life that were blocking me from reaching my goals. I felt instant relief and focus after our very first session! I can't say enough about how talented Ira is. It is a blessing to be able to work with them." 

Katel LeDû, Leadership Coach and CEO of A Book Apart

"Having worked with Ira, I am so much more in tune with the intuition my body (and soul) have to offer. With the most spacious and grounding energy, Ira encourages me to become—and stay—open to new possibilities. I’ve often come to a session with Ira feeling stuck, and through our work together, they guide me toward finding movement and ease within myself."

Lauren Steckler, Intuitive Reader and Life Coach

"I came to Ira feeling stuck and fearful of an upcoming task. Ira effortlessly held space for me throughout the healing process and within a short period of time I felt lighter and more confident. Suddenly the task that had been worrying me for weeks seemed totally achievable, and I got it done just a few hours later. The level of personalization I received was exactly what I needed. Ira is very gifted."

Elisa Camilo, Intuitive Parenting Coach

"Before working with Ira, I was afraid of being visible due to potential criticism from others. I'm now so much more comfortable being in front of a camera, posting my photos online, and sharing my wild (not really) ideas without the fear of being attacked, judged, or belittled. It feels so good! Ira is incredibly talented in hearing the root cause of someone's issue, making it such an effective way to change your life around."

 Georgia Küng, Artist and Artist Coach

"What stands out for me about Ira is their immense presence and compassion. I had been struggling to remain hopeful, pulled in many directions as my life went through transitions of moving, a break-up, and the stress of the pandemic. Ira always set a tone of calm and right energy, and left space for all things to surface without judgement. They are patient, lending a feeling of spaciousness to the sessions. They have taken me into great visioning experiences with really wonderful action steps to pull things through."

What It’s Like to Work with Me

Get My Free Daily Courage Meditation

A free guided visualization to help you get unstuck and inspired to take daily action towards a bolder life and business.

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